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Joe Chris @Joseph
I am a long term member of the PorcelainSky community. I joined Frienddo about a year or two ago.
Jessica @jlynch
I am simple person with big dreams. I am married to my best friend,Scot,. I love fashion, dance, books, and movies. I am just simple little redheaded Jessica.
Rachel Cole @rachelcole
Just a girl that has lived in Seattle for about 16 years. Not going to say anything else about me. Doesn't seem like a good idea to post a bunch of information online about myself where anyone can see it.
Michael Feehily @Michael
Names Michael I use to work as a body double for my cousin Marcus Feehily from the hit band Westlife. Herd about this site from another game I play called I'f you are down to earth and not a crazy fan of our band then mail me
Lauren @LaurenDannielle
CovenWars - ..Anabella Sin.. I'm 18, I'm in my first year of university, I'm currently studying forensic and analytical science.. yes I'm a geek! ;)
Near Dark @Near_Dark
24 years old, regular aussie guy
Peter Wiehe @Reggaeman
Retail salesman
saya kisaragi @Kisaragi_Saya
what should I put here honestly
kimberly shaw @Kimmio
im just looking for someone too talk too and get too know as a friend.
Addie Matheny @Adelenaleigh
I am a freshmen in college. I am 18 years old and currently taken.
sudan @sudan
Likes to be rational
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