Searching for "lol".
RhysPBlakaway @TristanMykel
Gamer, 18, gay. Dunno, love Army wives...
Donald @Blaine_Covington
Just some random person
Clolori @Clolori
Angela Stewart @Angela
Playing online games LoL
6 years ago
Danny Green @Anakin
me too lol.
7 years ago
Michael Feehily @Michael
coven wars is down what the hell? says no bandwith lol scot i think you need to log on your server and fix this. ASAP.
7 years ago
Alexander Mihalcea @Rhy
What am i currently doing...Hmm, I believe i am sitting here waiting for Scot to deliver me another Pack. Oh the agony of waiting lol
7 years ago
Michael Feehily @Michael
back to covenwars I Go lol.
7 years ago