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Gaurav @DistortedFlames
Rachel Cole @rachelcole
Just a girl that has lived in Seattle for about 16 years. Not going to say anything else about me. Doesn't seem like a good idea to post a bunch of information online about myself where anyone can see it.
Jessica @ToxicAngel
Hmmm...pretty sure a lot of you already know me so this isn't important. x3
Ian @Whitewolf
Lillith's Hubby
kimberly shaw @Kimmio
im just looking for someone too talk too and get too know as a friend.
Kitty @fengling
a bit crazy + a bit cool + a bit open mind + a bit funny + a bit lazy + a bit lonely + a bit lovely
Jordan @Ballerbaby
I wanna be computer engineering and I also play football
bbcstretched @bbcstretched
lessley metcalf @lilceacers
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7 years ago