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Matthew @matthew
Dev for Subsoap
Lynn Brooks @Boundless
I play games and I like making new friends. I'm easygoing but if you piss me off, I'll warn you. I can make others cheer up easily and I like to observe people sometime. I was born 11/13/1994...
Tamara @Tammy
Non-smoker. Casual drinker. Bit geeky when it comes to mythology and certain historical figures. Currently a university student in England studying good ol' computing and forensics. Aged 19, unattached and uhm.. I haz a cat? :D
saya kisaragi @Kisaragi_Saya
what should I put here honestly
Angela Stewart @Angela
funny , sweet , shy
animepollon @animepollon
theboyz @theboyzboyz
Anime stream
8 months ago