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Joe Chris @Joseph
I am a long term member of the PorcelainSky community. I joined Frienddo about a year or two ago.
RhysPBlakaway @TristanMykel
Gamer, 18, gay. Dunno, love Army wives...
Near Dark @Near_Dark
24 years old, regular aussie guy
Addie Matheny @Adelenaleigh
I am a freshmen in college. I am 18 years old and currently taken.
Adam Fortune @ryrytides
I'm me, I'm a exquisite form of humanity. I delve into the depths, and rise in the shallows. I'm a former ruler. I'm a man, I am human, I must protect that.
sudan @sudan
Likes to be rational
Agnes De Leon @Dannygirl
I'm fun caring sweet honest truthful tall Asian Loved go to mall and go shopping . Don't like bs
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Johnlincoln @MisterCat
Доктор наук Сергей Савушкин заведующий отделением урологии медицинского центра , лечит почечные злокачественные новообразования, а также
Robertvek @Robertvek
ashley ann @pipe_dreams
watching tv after a long long day and I'm new so add me :)
7 years ago