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stephen catten @IB
Currently in 3rd year of uni, and work at Tesco part time
Mrs. Camille Frost @Camille
I am who I am.
Alexia @JordynRivaInvictus
Lynn Brooks @Boundless
I play games and I like making new friends. I'm easygoing but if you piss me off, I'll warn you. I can make others cheer up easily and I like to observe people sometime. I was born 11/13/1994...
Jessica @ToxicAngel
Hmmm...pretty sure a lot of you already know me so this isn't important. x3
Tamara @Tammy
Non-smoker. Casual drinker. Bit geeky when it comes to mythology and certain historical figures. Currently a university student in England studying good ol' computing and forensics. Aged 19, unattached and uhm.. I haz a cat? :D
Lauren @LaurenDannielle
CovenWars - ..Anabella Sin.. I'm 18, I'm in my first year of university, I'm currently studying forensic and analytical science.. yes I'm a geek! ;)
Nala Mae @Nala_Bear
These violent delights have violent ends.
doris benzebii @dorababy
I am Miss Doris, 22 years of age,single(never married). I am beautiful and self assured girl with a huge sense of humor.I am sincere, honest,educated,romantic,faithful,kind,caring.
Tristen Ogle @TristenWolf
I enjoy gaming, playing different instruments, making money, creating new designs and listening to music.
Peter Wiehe @Reggaeman
Retail salesman
Kitty @fengling
a bit crazy + a bit cool + a bit open mind + a bit funny + a bit lazy + a bit lonely + a bit lovely
lauralov_23 @laura
my name is miss laura, am a tall and good looking girl, i love cooking,reading. i love those that love me not for what i have but for whom i am, thanks
hannan @Dorislove
My name is Miss Hannan, I'm 26 years old girl never married.My hubby are reading,learning, traveling, cooking, swimming, music,
Stefanie Paige @BabeLincoln
Hairstylist, cat lover, book enthusiast.
Steven Bacherry @livetogelz
I'm Steven Bacherry from California, I'm 35 years old and I'm a designer of shoes and leather. Official Website :
Anton Sherbyn @sherbynanton
I am a designer
mooshixxx @salvatore
right now i'm searching 4 friends on here and listening to music on full volume as well as reading the hunger games
7 years ago