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I play games and I like making new friends. I'm easygoing but if you piss me off, I'll warn you. I can make others cheer up easily and I like to observe people sometime. I was born 11/13/1994...
hannahpaige @PeppermintCandy
Drawing, singing.
Tamara @Tammy
Non-smoker. Casual drinker. Bit geeky when it comes to mythology and certain historical figures. Currently a university student in England studying good ol' computing and forensics. Aged 19, unattached and uhm.. I haz a cat? :D
Lauren @LaurenDannielle
CovenWars - ..Anabella Sin.. I'm 18, I'm in my first year of university, I'm currently studying forensic and analytical science.. yes I'm a geek! ;)
Josh Bramble @zNightshade
Simply put, I'm a 23 year old gamer/RPer. I love animals and enjoy doing things outdoors. I especially love snowboarding. I could say more but I'm too tired at the moment. Insomnia at it's finest. xD
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I work in the following CEO, Super Affiliate, Traffic generation, Social media marketer, Email marketer. And many more.
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Social Media Guru and IM Marketing Developer seeks creative projects and vertical business opportunities. We provide functional business solutions for Mobile, Web, WorPress and other site design platforms
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[Full Name] Alohilani Leann Draginor Deyanira Violette [Nicknames/Prefer Names] Alo, Lani, Princess [Title] Matriarch Of The Draginor Family, Princess Of The Deyanira Family [Bloodlines] Draginor, Deyanira
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