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mariam @mariam
I am nice girl,caring,loving,understanding,outgoing, honest,with open mind. I like to cook, make friends happy,intelligent,humble, with wild lovely heart to share with my dream man. I am kind,tender in heart, hardworking,romantic,passion
Alexander Mihalcea @Rhy
Im 23, Single father and i love the outdoors. You wanna know more just ask :)
Dakota McCurry @Oimatewtf
I kick things...
Lynn Brooks @Boundless
I play games and I like making new friends. I'm easygoing but if you piss me off, I'll warn you. I can make others cheer up easily and I like to observe people sometime. I was born 11/13/1994...
Jennifer Green @Fairy
Just on here cause of my brothers. Just looking for friends.
Tristen Ogle @TristenWolf
I enjoy gaming, playing different instruments, making money, creating new designs and listening to music.
Danny Lee Birchard Jr. @Havoc_Blackfang
I'm nice, sweet, loving, caring, cute, and I like to make friends.
manideep bandari @sunny
i am a simple boy....
Elyse Francky @friends
People do say that the sky is their limit but I strongly believe that sky is my starting point. I believe in myself, my ability, my strength, my eagerness to carry on even at a zero point. I love to show compassion to the less privileges an
Tristen Beard @TristenBeard
thinkin on whats real and whats fake... who are friends who are foes... who can be trusted and who cant...
7 years ago
FriendDo Support @support
The "Browse" feature is now up! Check it out! Find friends and meet new people!
7 years ago
FriendDo Support @support
Tell your friends to check out FriendDo!
7 years ago
kimberly shaw @Kimmio
chillen and trying too make friends
7 years ago
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7 years ago
mooshixxx @salvatore
right now i'm searching 4 friends on here and listening to music on full volume as well as reading the hunger games
7 years ago
Shannon @Alura_Night
Sad pathetic individuals who call themselves friends... *Smh*
7 years ago
Michael Feehily @Michael
Looking for friends on the site.
8 years ago
RhysPBlakaway @TristanMykel
How do you find someone on line to get three friends :(
8 years ago
FriendDo Support @support
What are your friends doing?
8 years ago