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Logan @loganbest
I'm a humanoid. I'm also the Systems Administrator for the servers this site is hosted on. Also as an Admin here, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have and take suggestions for new features.
Scot Reutzel @XScotX
I'm the creator of FriendDo
Rachel Cole @rachelcole
Just a girl that has lived in Seattle for about 16 years. Not going to say anything else about me. Doesn't seem like a good idea to post a bunch of information online about myself where anyone can see it.
Riverfront Station @WeBleedGold
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favor murh @favorh
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Tristen Ogle @TristenWolf
I enjoy gaming, playing different instruments, making money, creating new designs and listening to music.
Genghis Khan @Khan
INFO Wars Boot Camp @infowarsbootcamp
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Lashay jordan @kelsiebaxx
im cool sweet and pretty....but trust me i will beat the shit out u if u come at the wrong way believe that BITCH!!!!!!!
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Heathernusty @Heathernusty
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punkleather @punkleather
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Steven Bacherry @livetogelz
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Tamemyfeato @Tamemyfeato
Heatherhix @Heatherhix
Alphame Library @AlphameLibrary

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HeatherTaivy @HeatherTaivy
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Kate Johnson @katejo
Kate Johnson writes for Home Decor, Lifestyle, and travel-related topics besides the social and political issues; she has a passion for the recreation and design industry for over six years. Hence,
Jarod Jankins @JarodJankins
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Erica Smith @EricaSmith
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Kelvin Water Tech @kelvinwatertech
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kinoteatrzarya @kinoteatrzarya
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Peter Pendergast @metime
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Stoyan Angelov @evedo
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Jim Stack @Fullstackplumber
Full Stack Plumbing Company, Inc. offering a full range of residential and commercial plumbing repair and maintenance services in the Greater Raleigh Durham area.
Asi Blu Reza @Asi
Eating soup. e.e xD I'm so lame.
7 years ago
FriendDo Support @support
The "Browse" feature is now up! Check it out! Find friends and meet new people!
7 years ago
Cori J Brunson @angeldrakon
Afternoon have great fun weekend ;-)
8 years ago
Anthony Hart @kobihartinc
Nice to meet you all here, i have some great content for you all.
8 years ago
Jordan @JordanLCP
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a great day!
8 years ago
FriendDo Support @support
What new features would you like to see on FriendDo? Any suggestions?
8 years ago
iKyle @Grey
Pretty neat site, can't wait to see what else gets added.
8 years ago